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Project Highlight: AcademicWorks

Project Highlight: AcademicWorks

Posted on Jul 03, 2014 by

If you’re an avid reader of the HMG blog then you know we’re big on helping companies that help others. That’s right, we’re all about partnering with organizations that seek to better the world in one way or another. Whether by creating fun and innovative consumer products, lending relief aid to disaster areas or by developing a streamlined and intuitive software solution for students to apply for and receive scholarships, our clients are always improving the lives of their customers. AcademicWorks, featured in this month’s project highlight, helps over 275 universities improve their scholarship management processes by automatically matching students with relevant scholarships. With over 50 years of combined experience in the higher education industry, AcademicWorks and its staff deliver a truly unique and efficient way for students across the country to connect with leading universities in a seamless and all-digital format.

Back in January of 2014, the folks over at AcademicWorks approached HMG with the task to “spruce up and liven” their existing online presence. Phrases like “it’s lacking oomph” and “it needs a clear call-to-action” were thrown about during the discovery meetings. As we delved further into the project we noticed that although the existing site was doing a great job of informing its visitors of company offerings, it wasn’t displaying this information intuitively and the overall user experience was lacking ease. In addition, we felt that the online presence could better represent the company as the leader in higher education scholarship management tools.

Since ease of use and scalability were top of mind, we chose to leverage the WordPress framework for the foundation of the website. Along with responsive design, an array of custom design techniques were implemented. We created a robust blog, an in-depth resources section and most importantly, we highlighted AW’s reputation as the leader in the industry. This led to a more profound connection with visitors and higher conversion rates. Now that you’ve read what we did for AcademicWorks, it’s time to actually see it in action. Head on over to and experience the site exactly as both teams envisioned it: engaging, informative and concise.

Interested in learning more about HMG’s web offerings? Visit our website or drop us a line at 888.744.0464.

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