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A Gif From Us to You!

A Gif From Us to You!

Posted on Dec 22, 2016 by

It’s halfway through December and the holidays are coming in hot! With Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Years only days away, it’s time to stop worrying about your bank balance, shop online at countless stores like, forget also those pesky diets, and just be happy to spend time with friends and family.

Gifs have become a great way to share emotion and humor, so we’ve chosen some gifs to help keep you in good spirits for each of the coming holidays. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do:


giphy-18The time for twinkling lights and presents under the tree is here. Just be sure there is also a sturdy stand under that tree!





giphy-14Spending time with family and friends over great food is definitely the best way to spend Hanukkah. Forget the eight gifts, give me eight glasses of wine!






Get up and celebrate during Kwanzaa. Light the candles and dance along to the festive music.







And we sure hope your holiday season ends better than Michelle’s from Full House this New Years!!

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