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Would You Work From Home?

Would You Work From Home?

Posted on Jul 28, 2016 by

It’s 8:00 am, the alarm goes off, and the first thing that pops in your head is, “Do I really have to go into the office today?”

Everyone has had that first thought, no matter where they work. But what if you didn’t have to go into work? What if you could stay home and do all the same stuff you’d do in the office, but in your sweats?

Many companies, both large and small allow their employees a few days out of the office. Companies like Amazon, IBM, Apple, Dell, American Express, and many more have the opportunity and they are still very successful. Like anything in business, there are pros and cons. To puts it all into perspective, the Venn diagram explains the pros, cons and everything in between.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.10.33 PM

Here at HMG Creative, four out of five employees said they would like to work from home, but three out of the five said they would not be as productive at home compared to if they were in the office.

Working from home depends on the person and their work ethic. If someone is more of a Netflix enthusiast, there is more of a chance that they would be unproductive compared to maybe the employee of the month. Whatever environment you work in, make it work for you. Sometimes an office setting can drag your attitude down. The way an office is set up and the colors used throughout the space can really affect emotions and productivity. How to Make Your Office More Productive provides a little insight on how to spruce up the work space for more productivity and positive attitudes.

Now, would you work from home?

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