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Be Our Guest- Blogger!

Posted on Nov 11, 2012 by

HMG Creative knows there are a lot of amazing writers and bloggers out there, and we want to find you. We are always looking for new ways to inform, educate and expand our clients and readers’ industry knowledge.  So with that said, we are looking for some writers who can inject their knowledge, expertise and passion into our blog.

Topics HMG Covers:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • SEO
  • Mobile Technology
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Dev/Design
  • Something Awesome

Why Write for HMG:

  • Exposure to a new audience
  • Increase your presence and credibility online
  • Get syndicated on other media outlets
  • Get new followers on Twitter, of course
  • Blog a little or blog a lot
  • Because who doesn’t like having their writing featured

Sounds good to you? Great, email us!  Introduce yourself and give us a quick rundown of who you are. Send us an article for review and we’ll place it in queue if we like your stuff. Don’t forget to mention the frequency of your posts (weekly, monthly, etc), or if you just want to be a one-time contributor (we’re cool with that too)! Don’t have an article to post yet? No worries, we’ll help you mull over some cool topics we think would be relative to our blog.

Submit or contact us here.

While we are very laid back, there are a few guidelines for the articles we accept. Be sure to read the rules below before submitting. (Don’t be THAT guy that doesn’t.)

Article Guidelines

1.  First Person.
Please write in first person and sprinkle pronouns such as I, me or my, so that readers can identify an emotional connection to the post.

2.  Links are encouraged.
We will be sure to also double-check the links to make sure they aren’t broken and are legitimate. You must disclose any association to products, companies or people highlighted in the article for transparency.

3. Images are great!
Feel free to attach them in your email you send with your draft or include in your article a link to where the image is hosted externally.  Please credit the image owner when applicable.  If you can’t find the perfect picture, don’t worry, we can have someone from our creative team design something!

4. Be yourself.
Show your personality.  If you really like something, show it. You don’t like something, let loose. We’re not uptight here, so you don’t have to be that way in your writing either!

5.  Include a 2-3 sentence bio of yourself.
This will appear at the very bottom of the article.  If you have any website or social networking profile links you’d like there, include them.

Important Information

We only are looking to publish new content, not previously published articles from elsewhere online; this is because search engines frown on duplicate online content.  However, you are free to re-slant the focus of prior articles you’ve written.   We reserve the right to edit your article, to ensure there are no silly errors and to maintain our normal formatting structure.  We will also have you set up a Gravatar Account if you do not already have one.  Once an article is submitted and edited we will get your permission before scheduling out the blog post to go live.

Again, if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email!

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