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A New Brand Identity for Hamilton Asset Management Group

A New Brand Identity for Hamilton Asset Management Group

Posted on Feb 18, 2015 by

Other than building slick new websites, did you know HMG Creative has a pro team of brand developers and designers? It’s true. Check out our most recent  project below to find out how our team helped Hamilton Asset Management Group create their new brand identity.

When approached with the task of creating an identity guide for the new firm Hamilton Asset Management Group, we were happy to switch gears for a bit from web design to creative branding. After our initial conversation, we learned that Hamilton was searching for 2 main components in their brand’s new concept. First, they needed an identity that they could grow with as a company. Secondly, since they work with many vendors on a regular basis, Hamilton was especially interested in a comprehensive Brand Guidelines booklet – a deliverable that is included upon completion of all of our branding services. They also gave us some helpful info on how the logo and designs would be used: stitched on company shirts and printed on banners as well other company collateral basics.

Apart from those helpful specifications, HMG had complete creative freedom in the design of their brand identity – fun for us!

We presented the client with 8 potential designs and after one round of revisions, landed on a winner that they loved. The final product? A capital building silhouette made from a Greek column design that is enhanced with a typography element in a balanced and harmonic way. The overall design presents Hamilton Asset Management Group as conservative, balanced and disciplined – just like their approach to wealth management and preservation. A complete brand guideline booklet was drawn up to clearly outline best practices and use for the new design with details such as sizing, layout, typefaces and color palette.

Congratulations to Hamilton Asset Management Group on their new identity, we’re glad we got to be a part of it!



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