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Quick Fix Stock Charts Launches, Provides Financial Insights to Members

Posted on Oct 08, 2012 by

Quick Fix Stock ChartsHMG Creative is thrilled to announce the launch of Quick Fix Stock Charts, a financial site that educates members on the market about pay day loans and stocks by providing daily stock charts, complete with analysis and comparisons.

Working closely with the QFSC executive team on all elements of the project is always crucial. HMG Creative used the following tactics to ensure a successful launch of the website and introduction of the start-up company to market:

  • Discover the goals, ideal target market and functionality the new company desires to launch
  • Create a comprehensive brand identity for QFSC
  • Develop in-depth framework for the financial site
  • Create software allowing the sharing of information , charts, transactions and secure transfer of funds
  • Develop a membership portal, unique for each level QFSC provides to their community
  • Capture new and potential members by implementing email marketing through the eConnect Email platform
  • Further brand image and ensure consistency in messaging by designing email templates for all QFSC communication
  • Elaborate testing of the custom development tools and software before site launch

Quick Fix Stock Charts launched this week at

Whether you are a professional investor or one of the many individuals currently managing or looking to manage your money, QFSC ‘s market analysis provides members with valuable insights, added confidence and control when making important investment decisions.


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Quick Fix Stock Charts
Quick Fix Stock Charts

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Quick Fix Stock Charts

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