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Redesigning Texas A&M’s Student Activities Website

Redesigning Texas A&M’s Student Activities Website

Posted on Feb 27, 2015 by

We can’t say enough how thrilled we were to take on this website redesign project for Texas A&M University. For the TAMU Student Activities website, we got our hands dirty right away by putting ourselves in the shoes of the site’s primary audience: the students, particularly – TAMU undergrads. These students needed an intuitive one-stop-shop to quickly gather information, sign-up, and manage the sections they were involved in. Apart from utility, a goal of ours was to update the overall aesthetic appeal of the site showcasing vibrant student life and activities in a way that would make students want to get involved and stay involved.

With over 1000 organizations relying on site to stay connected with their members, we increased the usability of the organization management section allowing managers to easily update, connect with, and share news with their group. We took advantage of the WordPress platform’s add-ons for functions such as event calendars, social media integration and blogs.

To showcase the longstanding traditions of the university and its organizations we modernized the overall look and feel of the site in a way that invites viewers to take part in these activities. A rolling banner along the top of the site shares the most recent news and Student Activities highlights, rich color-coded sections intuitively organize the information, and new static navigation allows users to seamlessly scroll through the site.

After a few months of hard work, we’re pleased to present the new and improved Student Activities website for Texas A&M University. Take a look at the before and after and tell us what you think!

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