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What We’ve Learned From Running a Digital Agency for a Decade

What We’ve Learned From Running a Digital Agency for a Decade

Posted on Dec 04, 2013 by

We’ve been operating in the digital marketplace for ten years now, and things have changed a lot in that time. New technologies, new online marketing solutions, and new best practices are always clamoring for attention, and that sometimes makes it difficult to stay on track as a company. For more info visit . To think that there was no such thing as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter when we opened our agency. Can you even remember what life was like before these CPA Affiliate Networks forever changed how we engage and communicate with friends, family and brands throughout the world? We’ve also seen the rise and fall of MySpace from the front seat. But some things don’t change. Businesses that succeed in the lightning-paced world of digital marketing do so by staying true to some universal guiding principles. Here are three of the things we’ve learned during our decade-long adventure.

1.BPM Experiment

Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s not only a good idea, but in the world of technology it’s absolutely essential. Not every experiment will be successful, but each one will teach you something. Master your fear of making mistakes and you’ll be much closer to discovering how your company can stand out from the crowd to create something truly unique, innovative and groundbreaking.

2. Always Deliver More Than Expected

In terms of customer and client satisfaction, it’s always better to over-deliver. Clients may be satisfied if you meet their expectations, but they won’t give you their loyalty. Seemingly small things like delivering a project early, working overtime to help a client meet a last minute deadline, or adding some extra special touches to a project will cause those clients to remember your company, give you their business again and again, and recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

3. Innovate

Don’t keep relying on the same old tired technology and business model. Stay up-to-date on what others are doing in your field and use those ideas as a springboard to create new opportunities and new methods for your company. The early bird who gets the worm may be cliché, but he still beats the competition and he’s not going hungry. The point is that in order for you to survive in the digital marketplace, you’ve got to be willing to take risks, find new and better ways of getting the job done, and be willing to do something no one else is doing.

It’s been an amazing ride thus far, and the online landscape looks a whole lot different now than it did when we first launched our company. In following these three guiding principles, we’ve had a remarkable first decade and we’re looking forward to the next. Until then, we plan to keep rocking the online experience!


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