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Alert! Austin’s New Area Code

Posted on May 22, 2013 by

New toll-ways, skyscrapers, and starting June 1st 2013, Austin will be the third metropolitan area in Texas to have mandatory 10 digit dialing and more than one area code. It’s no secret, Austin is competing for the country’s fastest growing cities and as a result, we are expected to be fresh out of 512 numbers before the end of the year!

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What you need to know?

Austin’s second area code has been assigned as 737. This new area code is called an “overlay” which means it will cover the same region as the current 512 area code. Several new numbers issued after July 1st 2013 in the Austin area will be assigned 737, and in 2014 nearly every new number assigned will carry the 737 area code.

What should you do?

  • If you have a 512 number, keep it unless you like the idea of a new area code!
  • The last of you 7 digit dialers out there, start punching in 10 digits now before it becomes mandatory on June 1st.
  • Update all of your print and digital media to reflect a complete 10 digit phone number

How is HMG Creative helping?

Aside from our stunning and cutting edge websites, we also offer high quality and convenient printing service. As a special to our Austin area businesses, HMG Creative is offering 15% off any printing service; all print collateral that needs a quick update is included in this offer:

  • business cards
  • direct mail
  • postcards
  • coupons
  • flyers & tri-folds
  • brochures

Give HMG Creative a call today with any 737 area code questions and to take advantage of our discount; this offer expires on June 15th 2013!

Fun facts about area codes

  • Three digit Area Codes were launched in 1947 for Canada and the United States
  • No area codes in Canada or the United State begin with a 0 or a 1 to avoid confusion with long distance dialing codes
  • 86 original Area Codes were assigned between the United States and Canada and all 86 area codes either had a 1 or 0 as the second digit.
  • The 512 Area Code when assigned in 1947, covered Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and the entire Rio Grande Valley (today this area is served by 6 area codes)
  • Currently, California has the most area codes with 31 and Texas is second with 25 including our latest addition, 737
  • There are still 12 states that only have one area code, including Alaska and Hawaii.Visit
  • Aside from Austin’s 512 Brewery, 612 Brewery in Minneapolis also named their craft beer brewery after the city’s primary area code, 612. Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery recently started selling a wheat beer named “312” after their 60 year old area code, 312.


  • Managing Partner of HMG Creative, father of two, runner, ping pong master, P90X extremist, now living in Austin Texas after 11 years in sunny San Diego, CA. Follow him on twitter @HMGCreative

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