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HMG’s Guide to the Best Food Spots for Avoiding the SXSW Crowds

HMG’s Guide to the Best Food Spots for Avoiding the SXSW Crowds

Posted on Feb 08, 2016 by

Our enthusiasm for SXSW 2016 is inevitable, as are the lines for Austin’s famous food spots. While it may be tough to avoid the large SXSW crowds completely, here are our best alternatives to the places that are already anticipating a mass of people coming to try these local hot spots.


Forget: Franklin’s Barbecue is expecting lines to be triple (or even quadruple!) what it would be like on a normal business day when there already is an hourlong wait. And don’t even think about special privileges– even Kanye West was told to wait in line at this famous BBQ pit!

Try: Black’s Barbecue offers all of the slow-cooked meats you can get at Franklin’s Barbecue without the crazy line! Their homemade sausage still uses the same 80-year-old recipe because why change perfection? Located just outside the chaos of downtown Austin, this is the perfect alternative to your BBQ fix.


Forget: Hopdoddy’s line is most likely to be snaking through the parking lot all week long. Unless you’re ready to allot more than 2 hours just to get into the restaurant, it may be more efficient to go back to SXSW and favor it if you’re really craving that Goodnight burger.

Try: P. Terry’s, an Austin-based chain, takes fast food to a whole new level. Their all-natural, hormone-free, Black Angus beef in between a locally baked Mrs. Baird’s hamburger bun gives you all the taste of a gourmet burger, but half the price!


Forget: Home Slice Pizza has the reputation of the best NY style pizza in Austin, so of course those eastern visitors are going to flock to Home Slice to try it for themselves.

Try: Salvation Pizza– this hidden gem serves up New Haven Neapolitan-style pizza that will be sure to satisfy your craving of good northern pizza. The large menu, ranging from calzones to salads to sandwiches, will also appease your friends who are looking for something other than pizza.


Forget: Gourdough’s Public House and Food Truck is planning on a large crowd of newcomers eagerly awaiting to try the famously large and delicious donuts. If you haven’t tried Gourdough’s before, the hectic line may be worth the wait.

Try: Voodoo Doughnut– this Portland-based donut shop came to Austin just last year, so it is still under-the-radar. However, they are expecting SXSW to bring in more publicity for the bakeshop. Before this place hits it big in the press, be one of the first to try Voodoo Doughnut!

Ice Cream

Forget: Amy’s Ice Cream’s– this local favorite has been around since SXSW officially began, so old-comers and newbie’s will be flooding the stand to get their ice cream fix.

Try: Lick Honest Ice Cream’s locally sourced dairy products and unique flavors make this the perfect place for people to expand their ice cream palates and to truly get the perfect experience without the hassle of waiting in line! For all you adventurous foodies, we recommend trying the goat cheese, thyme, and honey flavor or the roasted beet and lime!

The best thing about Austin is you never have to wait in line for great food because all of the restaurants are AMAZING! We’ve only chosen our favorite alternatives, but check out the entire restaurant guide for every cuisine here!


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