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Inspired on Instagram: 10 Creative Accounts We Follow

Inspired on Instagram: 10 Creative Accounts We Follow

Posted on Jul 24, 2014 by

Being a team of creatives, it’s probably not surprising that we seek to find inspiration in any medium we can. The Internet and social media make that all too easy, especially with platforms like Instagram that bundle amazing content from all over the world into one place. Here’s the rundown on 10 of our favorite Instagram accounts to follow:


This Austin native shares design and color-conscious photographs from daily life, travels, and experiences. The creator of the hashtag #thingsorganized neatly, her feed is a designer’s dream.


An illustrator from Australia who’s medium of choice is pencil on paper. Her meticulously detailed drawings of models, celebrities and high fashion accessories are unbelievably realistic.


Any typography lovers out there have to check out this feed! Seb Lester utilizes the video feature of IG to show his letterform and calligraphy design in the making.


The account of undercover duo “Dangerdust.” This creative team turns Columbus College of Art and Design’s classroom chalkboards into intricately designed motivational and iconic quotes for the morning classes to discover.


For our fix of outdoor adventures. This photographer captures the beauty and design of what the land, sand, and surf have to offer.


David Schwen is a designer and illustrator whose work can be seen in numerous publications, from the Wall Street Journal to GQ. The bright colors and clean bold graphics of his work make this fun feed pop.


One of the largest (if the not the) online galleries of street art from around the world. Reposting from submissions, and traveling for content themselves, this team captures incredible artwork that you would never believe is painted on a wall.


Sean Wes is another lettering and typography favorite. This Texas native utilizes video to show his passion for hand-drawn typography and works in progress.


We appreciate great design in all forms and this tattoo artist is making the most of her canvas: the human body.  Black, minimalistic and geometric styles are her forte, and her clean lines perfectly compliment the contours of her canvases.


Earth tones and crisp clean photos keep us coming back to this designer’s IG feed. The cute kid cameo here and there doesn’t hurt either.

Who are some of your favorite creative Instagram-ers? Leave us a comment below!

Callie Musick

Advertising Student at UT Austin; Social Media Coordinator at HMG Creative; Wanderlust, Creative, Bibliophile. Follow her on Instagram @amityyy

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