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Why WordPress is a Win for Non-Profits

Why WordPress is a Win for Non-Profits

Posted on May 27, 2014 by

It’s always our pleasure to work with local non-profit organizations here in Central Texas and learn about their causes. When creating a website for these entities, we often rely on the functionality of WordPress for the back-end framework of our projects. In addition to the features mentioned in our previous blog Why We Use WordPress (And You Should, Too), there are a few components of the vastly popular platform that lend itself specifically to our use for these organizations that largely depend on their digital presence to promote and provide key functions in their mission of helping others.

Here’s 6 reasons WordPress rocks for non-profits:

1)   Flexibility. The countless already-existing plug-ins that are available on the platform allow for further customization that can be achieved at a reduced cost for the client. This lets us tailor the functionality of the site precisely to the organization’s needs, creating the most dynamic and interactive user experience while still get a dreamhost promo code staying within budget.

2)   Short Learning Curve. In terms of client-facing applications, WordPress is an easy-to-use and more importantly, easy-to-learn platform. This becomes especially beneficial to non-profit organizations that depend largely on volunteer work and are frequently in the process of training and updating new staff members. The WordPress admin panel lends itself to use by all levels of expertise, even those who would consider themselves “beginners” in the world of website management. A quick uptake rate paired with a host of online resources and tutorials make the learning process a piece of cake.

3)   Open-Source. Being highly community driven, the WordPress framework is always being updated and improved. The platform has a huge following of devoted developers and users that are constantly working to evolve the product. Getting the latest updates is also super simple, and can often be achieved in just a few clicks.

4)   Extremely cost-effective. Compared to any custom-development CMS (Content Management System) project, WordPress offers a huge benefit by having strong back-end software already in place. With a solid foundation already established, we’re able to focus our efforts on customization and modification that specifically tailor the CMS to our client. Cutting out the cost of building from the ground up is a huge money-saver for non-profits.

5)   Popularity. WordPress has virtually become the go-to CMS and easily the most recommended and commonly used platform for website development. This means that the pool of premium talent existing for this system is huge; you’ll always be able to find help or support you need.

6)   Stability. Having been in existence for over a decade now, WordPress is a mature and stable platform that is currently in use on millions of websites all over the world. As mentioned before, new updates are constantly being released, and there’s no end in sight for the growth and improvement of the platform. In short, it’s here to stay.

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out a few of the non-profit website designs we’ve built with WordPress:


The OneStar Foundation connects faith-based and community organizations, businesses, government, and foundations to resources and information about the nonprofit sector.

Volunteer Texas supports volunteerism in Texas by connecting both Texas residents and out-of-state volunteers to service opportunities throughout the state.

Central TX VOAD

Central Texas VOAD is a membership association of organizations that are active in helping with the aftermath of disaster by delivering services to those affected while eliminating inefficient duplications of efforts.


The Texas Young Lawyers Association is a department of the State Bar of Texas, commonly referred to as their “public service arm.” Their primary purposes are to facilitate the administration of justice, foster respect for the law, and advance the role of the legal profession in serving the public.


If you’re a non-profit organization that is looking to enhance your online presence, or considering a redesign, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information and see if our website design agency would be a good fit for your vision. Drop us a line anytime at hello[at] or call us at 888.744.0464


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