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Avant Financial Advisors

Project Overview

HMG Creative began our partnership with Avant by first focusing on understanding the industry landscape through extensive research, competitive analysis, and stakeholder interviews. This research equipped us to identify audience personas and establish brand positioning, voice and tone. Leveraging our findings from the research, we then developed Avant’s brand identity by establishing logos and supporting graphics, color palette, and typography, with specific grand guidelines to streamline visual communications across a variety of mediums.

The new guidelines depict and embody the brand ethos of Avant and maintain consistency and integrity of the brand. They informed the design of sharp new business cards and will continue to provide the foundation for future collateral for Avant.

About Avant

Avant Financial Advisors specializes in taking the complexity of people’s financial lives and simplifying it into easy-to-follow points. As a fee-only financial planning firm, Avant does not involve selling commission products but is built to give genuine advice to help clients reach their financial goals. Avant focuses on authentic relationships so clients can rest in confidence that they are receiving the best financial advice. It removes the burden of worrying about money and replaces it with the freedom to focus on the things that matter most.

If our professional team and industry experience aren’t enough to prove it to you, check out our Capabilities Brochure. In it you’ll find a bit about us, a peek at our core services, and several case studies of some of our best work.

Download Our Capabilites Brochure
  • Client: Avant Financial Advisors
  • Services Provided:

    • Brand and Marketing Strategy
    • Visual Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Marketing Collateral

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