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The Organization

Building a better future by supporting those who hold the power to change it

The Texas Elementary Principles and Supervisors Association works to provide the necessary training, opportunities, information, and support for school leaders in order to improve the education of Texas. By maintaining a positive impact on legislators, policymakers, and communities, TEPSA works to improve the quality of life for children through better education.

The Challenge:

TEPSA’s previous website had proved to be ineffective in regards to aesthetics and purpose.  The organization was in need of a website that was thoughtfully structured, organized, mobile-friendly, and better refined to create a fluid experience for its users. At the same time, the aesthetic and architecture of the site needed to embody the organization’s core values and clearly articulate its mission of improving lives through education. 

Our Approach:

Leaving behind the old website’s antiquated design, convoluted site architecture, and lack of SEO, HMG worked to design and develop a whole new site that was structured around the purpose and brand of TEPSA as a whole. We also integrated the best SEO practices to make sure that TEPSA’s web presence sees growth. 

The Result:

By crafting a more seamless, organized website, HMG was able to create a powerful, scalable, and long term resource that will support TEPSA in building a better future through education.

If our professional team and industry experience aren’t enough to prove it to you, check out our Capabilities Brochure. In it you’ll find a bit about us, a peek at our core services, and several case studies of some of our best work.

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    Services Provided:

    • Wireframes
    • Visual Design
    • User Experience Design
    • Web Design
    • Web Development
    • WordPress CMS
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google Analytics
    • Graphic Design
    • Custom Portal Development

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