A Strategy to Reach Your Goals

With a marketing strategy, we develop the game plan to strategically reach your target audiences – meaning maximum results for your marketing efforts. Looking ahead with your business goals in mind, we’ll start by assessing the market, your competitors, and your customers.

As we research, we’ll apply our innovative creativity and marketing expertise to the data we’ve uncovered about your audience. Our insight will help us outline the defining traits of your target customers. We’ll then map out the best way to successfully engage each persona with strategic messaging that resonates in the most effective way, at the most effective time, and in the most effective place.

Marketing Strategy Gameplan

  • Discovery & Research

    Starting with an in-depth interactive workshop, our team will dive into learning about your brand, seeking to understand your current positioning in the marketplace amongst competitors and identifying potential for future growth.

  • Personas

    Through research and interviews, we’ll reveal data-driven insights to help you learn more about each of your target audiences. This process defines specific characteristics and habits of each persona.

  • Channels & Platforms

    For each of the personas we define for your brand, we then identify the sweet spot – the channel or platform where they most often “hang out.” These channels will align with your brand story and open the door to increased engagement.

  • Messaging

    Derived directly from your Brand Story, messaging for your customers speaks from the heart of your brand, tailored to each persona’s unique characteristics and journey and strategically crafted for the relevant channel.

  • Goal-setting

    We can’t start our journey until we know where we’re going. Using the marketing funnel to guide us, we’ll establish marketing goals and metrics for your brand that align with your overall business objectives and help us track our progress.

  • Timeline & Budget

    Creating a clear, practical plan, we define the frequency of communication recommended for each marketing channel and break down estimated costs for execution/management, design, and ad spend.

A Roadmap for the Future

The final result of the marketing strategy process is a clearcut Marketing Plan – your brand’s roadmap for the future. This comprehensive guidebook will equip you with every step forward on your new journey to growth. With a clear outline on who to reach, where to find them, when to connect with them, and how to communicate your message, your internal or external marketing team will have the instructions it needs for marketing success.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

With high-level rules in place to guide strategic marketing activities for each audience, your business will cruise down the perfect pathway to grow your brand and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Maximize your marketing efforts. Partner with our team of experts to put your marketing strategy into action today!