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How to Give Back This Holiday Season

How to Give Back This Holiday Season

Posted on Nov 17, 2016 by

When Halloween is forgotten, and we have all recovered from our sugar hangovers, something in the air sparks the spirit of volunteering. ‘Tis the season–to grab the rest of the office, and give something back this holiday season. Even if you’re a small company (like HMG Creative), there are still ways that you can make a difference. Here are five ways you can boost holiday cheer and bring smiles to others’ faces:

Volunteer at a homeless shelter

If you work full-time at a 9-5 job, you are already in the habit of waking up early (at least we hope!). As an office, plan to meet an hour earlier at your local homeless shelter to help serve breakfast to the less fortunate. Not only will you be able to give back and make a difference in someone else’s day, you can grow closer to your co-workers.

Can drive contest

A little healthy competition never hurt anyone. As an office make a goal to bring in as many canned goods as you can. To drive competition, give an incentive! Maybe the winners will receive a Starbucks gift card, can-can lessons, or an entire week of Hawaiian Shirt Friday. Think of something juicy that would get the whole office involved. Make it fun and rewarding to help those in need!

Donation drive

Clear out those items at home that aren’t being used. Shelters are always looking for new or lightly used jackets, blankets, old cellphones, unused gift cards and no longer needed kitchen appliances (many also post their wish lists online). Instead of throwing it out, give it away. Sometimes we take the little things for granted, but this is just another way to turn those little things into big smiles on people’s faces.

Sponsor a local charity event

If a local non-profit is having a charity event or race coming up, get involved. The more sponsors a non-profit can get at their event, the better. Try to volunteer at the event to lend an extra hand and connect with those who care most about helping the community.

Animal shelter day

There are a lot of people in the world who need some extra help, but let’s not forget that many animals need love too. Leave the office early one day, and go play with the cats and dogs in a shelter near you. Just a little extra love and play time can make a huge difference, for both of you. Plus, would doesn’t want to go play catch with a cute dog or watch a furry cat chase a string?

This holiday season, make some time to step outside of your office and give back. Taking time to do the little things, helps others in a big way. When you help the community, good karma will come back to you. Get out there and volunteer!

Kate Gothing

Advertising Student at UT Austin; Social Media and Marketing Intern at HMG Creative; World traveler and burger enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram @kategothing

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