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Infographic: Who’s Really Using Social Media in 2015

Infographic: Who’s Really Using Social Media in 2015

Posted on Jan 19, 2015 by

As 2015 sets in at full force, it’s vital for brands and marketers to have an active gauge on which demographics are using social media. Depending on the type of content you’re promoting, knowing which social media network to use greatly affects the success of the campaign or post. The reason is simple – we all want the greatest reach possible.

To break it down, Adweek lays out each social media network and interaction in a handy infographic. It highlights exactly what age group is using each social media site – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram – in 2015 and what the percent of growth is for each. This early in the year, getting a jump-start on these numbers could greatly improve your social reach as you began to plan campaigns, content, and leverage.

The Data

For total 2015 social network users, ages 25-34 still hold the highest percentage at 35.3 million users, but ages 65+ will see the largest increase from 2015-2016 at 16.6 million users. 179.7 million people will be using social media.

Facebook’s 2015 users will be 156.6 million, rising to 160.9 million in 2016. Similar to the total numbers, ages 25-34 are the highest, but ages 65+ will have the largest percentage share increase.

Twitter’s total users rise from 52.9 million in 2015 to 57.3 million in 2016, with ages 18-24 holding the largest percent share.

The share of Pinterest’s ages 25-34 and 18-24 are almost identical, clocking in at 10.2 million (22%) and 9.1 million (20.4%), respectfully.

Those two age sectors also dominate Tumblr’s share, containing 50.3% of the share together. The share of age 17 and younger is expected to rise, while there is no significant senior community on the site.

Instagram’s demographics are very strong in ages 25-34 and 18-24 at 32.2% and 27.6%, with a significant drop after age 34.

The full infographic is below, with detailed information of the 2015-2016 growth and demographic percentage shares for each social network.

Adweek Social Media Infographic

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