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Snap into Snapchat

Snap into Snapchat

Posted on Oct 20, 2016 by

Snapchat is one of the biggest social media platforms for millennials. Even Facebook and Instagram are taking cues from Snapchat by introducing Stories into their apps. As marketing and advertising moves toward digital and social media promotion, it is essential to know when and how to use Snapchat for your business. Although Snapchat is a great way to build brand recognition, it does not necessarily mean that every brand is right for it.

First, take a look at your other social media accounts. Do you have a lot of Instagram followers? How is your follower to like ratio? Do you have 3,000 followers but average only 50 likes per post? If so, maybe snapchat isn’t for you.

Snapchat is all about who you want to see. There are some brands that we love, but don’t necessarily care what they are doing behind the scenes. Let’s take HEB, the beloved Texas grocery store, for example. Most Texans prefer to get their groceries there, but would you want to watch their snaps of unpacking in the backroom or an associate restocking the shelves? Probably not. Then think about Under Armour. Seeing the behind the scenes of their commercial shoots or a tease of their new product line is a so much more interesting. So figure out if you’re a brand that:

  1. has a strong consumer following
  2. has relevant and fun content to share
  3. has the time to post snap stories at least a few times a day/week.

If you passed that test, it’s time to talk about what content should be shared with your Snapchat friends. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat is known for it’s raw content: Funny selfies, ugly pictures with funny captions, people doing embarrassing things, etc. So when posting on your company’s social media, show your Snapchat friends your company’s attitude. If someone is sitting at their desk with a box of cookies on one side of them and a salad on the other, take a picture and add a funny comment. Show your followers that you are normal, hard working people, that still have fun just like them.

A great way to build excitement for a new service or product is to introduce it on Snapchat. Your loyal consumers will feel included with a sneak peek of what the brand has to come. Not only will they appreciate being among the first to see the new product, but they will be that much more excited about it when it comes out, potentially sharing the news with their friends. Celebrities, for example, are quite adept at using teasers to generate sales. When an artist comes out with a new song, they record a few second clip of the unedited version to whet fans’ appetites. Kylie Jenner also did this with her new lip kit colors and they are selling like hot cakes. No matter what type of company you are, if you know how to put social media to work, you can greatly impact your consumer base and sales.
Social media is the new face of promotion. Before jumping in head first, make sure you know what content to share. The right content tends to contribute to better results, and can give your business a real edge. So, re-evaluate your social media and think about what your followers want to see, and where.

Kate Gothing

Advertising Student at UT Austin; Social Media and Marketing Intern at HMG Creative; World traveler and burger enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram @kategothing

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