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What to Expect in the Next Decade of Web Trends

What to Expect in the Next Decade of Web Trends

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 by

The Internet is all about finding the next big thing. This is one industry that never stays stagnant, it is constantly moving forward and adapting. The online world we live in now, is referred to as Web 2.0. This era is overflowing with user-generated content. We are living in the time of social media, blogs, and constant consumer interaction. Web 2.0 isn’t going anywhere, but it is evolving. As Web 3.0, also known as the semantic web, emerges, we are seeing more machine-generated content.

Web 3.0

The semantic web is an online world, aided by the help of machines. It is machines talking to machines, and machines simulating life-like conversations with consumers. It is an intelligent internet presence that is centered around the idea of machines being able to categorize the mass amounts of data our new world is producing. These machines can analyze this data on their own, and solve complex problems. According to Alex Iskold, in his writing of The Road to the Semantic Web, Web 3.0 is still a few years away, but it can already be seen creeping its way into our culture.

Bioacoustic Sensing

Imagine a world with technology in the palm of your hand. Now imagine having technology literally in the palm of your hand. With new advancements in bioacoustic sensing, we are getting closer and closer to the norm of having mobile devices and health monitors implanted within our skin, and accessing these through skin-to-skin contact. With technology and funding roadblocks, this trend is still ways down the road, but it is on the horizon.

Pageless Web Design

People are beginning to tire of traditional website design. Building off of the current trend toward responsive design, pageless design gives viewers an easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing experience. This methodology creates a storytelling platform. This means that, with the lack of tabs, the site has to be viewed in the order as it appears. This leaves no information hidden, and plays off the notion that scrolling is simpler than clicking.  This design yields higher conversion rates, and is essentially cheaper to use. Pageless web design is already being featured, but in the next decade, it will be dominant.

With a myriad of possibilities in what the future holds, it is hard to predict what trends will overtake the internet. All that is for certain is that change is upon us. If you think you have insight on what the future holds for the world of web trends, let us know with a comment!

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