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Gift Guide for the Digitally Inclined

Gift Guide for the Digitally Inclined

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 by

Do you have a family member who eats, sleeps, and breathes gadgets? Maybe someone whose interests are so far toward the cutting edge, that you can’t keep up with their growing technology needs? If so, we’ve created this handy guide to help you narrow down your gift list. Here are a few recommendations of what we’d like to see under our trees, which may help you in shopping for the technophile on your list.

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud: For anyone looking to expand on their creative skills, having access to all of the Adobe apps would be a dream come true. For around $50/month, your aspiring creative gets access to a full toolkit of powerful, professional grade applications for everything from graphic and web design to video and audio editing. You also have the option of subscribing a la carte if you are only interested in a few of the apps.
  2. Sonos: Let music fill your ears and heart. With Sonos wireless speakers that you can get at speakerxpert, your music is no longer confined to your headphones, and free to fill the room. Plenty of options (ranging from $169–$500) make it easy for you to get the perfect gift for a music lover.
  3. Virtual Reality Headset: Whether they’re a gamer or just someone that wants to see the world in a different way, a virtual reality headset would be a great gift. With prices ranging from $80 to $600, there are a few options. One caveat is that the higher-end models require a video card with a bit more oomph (technical term) than a laptop might put out, while some economy models work in tandem with a smartphone.
  4. MacBook Pro: The video and sound technology that Apple has put into the MacBook computers is unlike any other. Whether you’re making a movie, putting together a video clip from a family vacation or playing around on garageband, the MacBook Pro is the way to go.
  5. Beats By Dre: Does your loved one constantly listen to music? Chances are they do, and that they’ll also appreciate these noise-cancelling headphones, so they can listen to their favorite music in crisp, clear quality. Beats come in all shapes and sizes. From big headphones that cover your whole ear to ear buds. There’s something for everyone.
  6. Autonomous Desk: Sitting all day at work or in a home office can be a drag, and very unhealthy for your body. With an autonomous moving desk, you can work sitting down or standing up. This affordable desk is the best way to stay awake and healthy during those long work days.
  7. 3D Printing Pen: Take drawing to a new dimension and watch your ideas take shape. With a 3D printing pen the only limit is your imagination. A 3D printing pen is a good gift idea for anyone ages 14 and up. Whether they are an experienced artist or not–it’s fun, hands-on, and just plain cool.
  8. Nomad key for iPhone: Get the keychain that is also a iPhone charger all-in-one. No more worrying about carrying around that white Apple cord. Instead wherever there is a USB outlet, you will be able to charge your phone.
  9. Wacom Bamboo Notepad: If there is one thing illustrators crave, it’s precision. The natural feel of holding a pen, combined with the power of digital software, can open up many artistic possibilities. This technology cuts out the middleman, and let’s your digital artist get back to their craft.
  10. Drones: What is more fun than controlling something that flies? You can fly the drone for your own enjoyment, or you can attach a camera to take awesome photos or videos. Some models even come with headsets, so you can watch in real time. Get a bird’s eye view with a drone!

Hopefully these ten gift suggestions help you along with this season’s gift shopping. No matter what gift you give, remember that the holidays are about being with the ones you love–although gifts make the holidays SO much better!


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