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The New Force of Politics

The New Force of Politics

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 by

As the race to presidency continues to heat up, the presidential candidates have been strongly addressing the issues that are, of course, on the top of our minds: foreign policy, economics, immigration and health care, just to name a few. However, there is an elephant in the room that barely any presidential candidate has spent a sufficient amount of time discussing the importance of the topic. It is something that dominates every issue discussed in both the democratic and republican debates. It is the root of a spurring and efficient nation– it is the tech sector.

In a nation where tech has become the driving force behind our daily activities, it is shocking that no candidate has fully spoken out about supportinpolarized-politicsg the tech industry and the innovations that are to come. Tech has even influenced the elections in more ways than one, whether it be stirring the pot between email scandals or even just the remarks displayed on social media, it is no secret that these powerful devices can either promote or obstruct a campaign. There is one lesson that the candidates must fully be aware of: tech never sleeps.

Our daily lives are consumed in technology. We are connected more than ever through the Internet, and with the rapid pace that information is spread, nothing can be hidden online. Whether it is a tweet made by Hillary Clinton or a celebrity endorsement by an Instagram like on Donald Trump’s latest post, people are always sharing their opinions on the Internet. Technology can manipulate votes in the slightest ways, which is why it is important that our candidate not only knows how to strategically use it, but also understands the influence it has on our society.

Technology holds the data as well as the new means of communication for American politics. This social influence is due to the impact that Silicon Valley has had on the most recent presidential election. As the power in Silicon Valley continues to strengthen, companies are having the largest influence they’ve ever had on politics. Google, for example, is one of the top lobbyists in the country, which demonstrates their large monetary impact in this crucial election year. Technology is the invisible weapon that holds the underlying potential to win the presidency.

The political landscape will never be the same with tech now in control of the game. Behind every issue on the agenda is money. And where is this money coming from? The multibillion-dollar industry of technology. It is imperative that the presidential candidate that we elect plans to fully support and understand the hold that technology has on our entire nation.


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