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Date Ideas from the Heart

Date Ideas from the Heart

Posted on Feb 10, 2017 by

The day that is supposed to be full of romance and gifts can make anyone anxious when they are unsure of what to do for their special someone. Whether you have been dating for a week or married for 10 years, there is always something new and fun that you can do to make your loved one happy. Each of these date suggestions can be done on a budget, or can be made as glamorous and expensive as you’d like. Let’s jump in!

Punch Bowl Social

It’s like Dave and Busters, but better. PBS has bowling, floor shuffle, darts, pool, corn hole and so much more! Enjoy a few drinks while showing off your fun, competitive side. If the flirty competition builds up an appetite, get some food to share or devour on your own. This will surely be a night for the books.

Scavenger Hunt

Does your loved one have a way of figuring out all your surprises? This is one date that will make them think long and hard. Choose a few of their favorite places and come up with riddles to lead them to the big finale. Maybe start out with a note in the kitchen, where they love to cook, then lead them to their favorite coffee shop, where there’s a cookie waiting for them. Next, they may find themself searching for the fourth clue in the park, where you both people-watch. Finally, you may end at Mt. Bonnell at sunset, with a bottle of wine waiting for you two. The day full of adventure will show them how much thought you put into the day and it will show them how much you know about what they love. GOOD LUCK!

Themed ‘Movie & Dinner’ Night

What better way to show them you have been listening than by turning their favorite movie into reality. Stay in for dinner and watch the film that puts a smile on their face. If there is a famous dish that the characters eat, or costumes that the characters wear, do it! Get some butterbeer, a wand and a cape out for Harry Potter, or make your favorite shrimp-based dishes while watching Forest Gump. Whatever you do, keep it playful and fun! 

Hotel Night-in

Put a little spin on an average night-in. Staying home and sitting on your couch can be fun and all, but you can do that any night of the week. Rent a hotel room where you can cuddle up, watch a movie on-demand, and order room service to your bed. You can even take a trip down to the spa and enjoy each other’s company poolside. Valentine’s Day is for you both to enjoy– so live it up!  

Enchanted Rock Camping

Are you the couple that likes adventure? Take a trip down to Enchanted Rock and do some hiking. Whether you stay on the main trail, or go off on your own little adventure, you’re sure to have a great bonding experience. Make it to the top for sunset, and enjoy the rest of the night looking up at the stars. Camping out with your valentine will help you to grow closer than you ever thought. On the morning drive back, grab some breakfast tacos to-go, and properly end the perfect Valentine’s Day. 

Winery Tour

Take a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas and visit some amazing wineries. You can tour the vineyard, and select several wines to try. If you don’t want to make the drive, try some awesome wine bars like Vino Vino or Cru. Whether you favor reds or whites, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Take a different approach to Valentine’s Day this year with these or your own ideas, and really surprise your loved one. If you have any additional fun and creative ideas, share them with us. We’re always looking for fun things to do in Austin! Enjoy your day of romance.


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