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Avalon Communications: Developing an Engaging and Industry-Leading Website

Avalon Communications: Developing an Engaging and Industry-Leading Website

Posted on Oct 23, 2013 by

Avalon Communications, a leading Austin-based PR agency, approached HMG with a problem they had been looking to solve for some time: create an online presence for Avalon that is representative of their brand and of its recent exponential growth. In the last year and a half Avalon has acquired a multitude of high-level clients that have each been propelled to the forefront of their respective fields through Avalon’s savvy and industry-refined PR tactics. Knowing this, we embarked on a journey to pair Avalon’s longstanding professional legacy and its industry-changing solutions with a newly revamped online presence.

Through a series of interviews and discovery sessions, we determined Avalon’s needs and solidified a plan of action for the website and the company’s online presence as a whole. Leveraging the WordPress framework, we created a custom website showcasing the company’s core services and the most important component of Avalon – its clients. Through an in-depth showcase of Avalon’s portfolio, visitors of the website are shown various case studies of recent projects further proving Avalon’s commitment to providing results. To top it off, we paired reengineered content and a more fluid user experience with progressive design features like parallax to give the site a more streamlined and refined touch. Interested in seeing the site in action? Head over to to see the new face of Avalon Communications. And while you’re there, take a look at some of the awesome brands they’ve worked with!




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