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Our Part In Please Be Kind To Cyclists’ Newest Initiative

Our Part In Please Be Kind To Cyclists’ Newest Initiative

Posted on Jul 02, 2015 by

It’s hard to put into words the excitement we had about being apart of Please Be Kind to Cyclists’ new project, DriveKind RideKind. If you don’t already know, DriveKind RideKind is an initiative of Please Be Kind to Cyclists that works with bicyclists, motorists, policy-makers, and community members to educate, raise awareness, and promote mutual respect between drivers and cyclists on the road. Their hopes are to create a global social change in the behaviors of motorists and cyclists so both may use the roads safely.

In order to spread all of the wonderful things this initiative had to offer, Please Be Kind to Cyclists partnered with numerous local agencies. One of the most important things they felt they needed was a user friendly website to provide up to date information for all of their audience about sharing the road. That’s where we came in. We collaborated closely with Please Be Kind to Cyclists as well as TX-DOT to create a new and user friendly responsive website to tell their story.  From start to finish, we have been inspired by this mission and are very excited to share it with the world.

We began our work by sitting down with Please Be Kind to Cyclists to get a complete understanding of their new initiatives and goals. We wanted to create a website that was interactive and visually appealing while also providing all of the necessary information to make this mission successful. In other words, this website needed to showcase the whole story of DriveKind RideKind to every one.

Because of our work, DriveKind RideKind’s new website has provided them with an opportunity to interact and engage with their audience while sharing their story to the world. We created a website that not only is informative, but gives DriveKind RideKind a chance to connect with their audience on a more personal level. We see value in engagement, and this website not only created the door, but opened it as well. One example of this is our creation of a blog. Implementing a blog into their website offers DriveKind RideKind a chance to connect on a more friendly level with their audience while sharing valuable information.

We hope you are as inspired by this initiative as we are. For more information about DriveKind RideKind as well as Please Be Kind To Cyclists, be sure to check it out their new site below! Also, please feel free to leave some comments on your thoughts about the redesign itself! We are always open to hear ideas!

Check Out The New Website!


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