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Volunteer Texas: Volunteering Has Never Been Easier

Volunteer Texas: Volunteering Has Never Been Easier

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 by

Many people often say, “I wish I volunteered more,” or “I wish I could somehow give back to the community.” Often, people simply just don’t know where to look for volunteer opportunities, and the idea becomes pushed back into their minds once more.  The nonprofit, government-funded organization Volunteer Texas, one of our newest clients, makes volunteering a more viable reality. Ultimately, the organization makes it easier and more cohesive for people to volunteer all across the state. Volunteer Texas connects both residents and out-of-state volunteers to opportunities throughout Texas.

Essentially, Volunteer Texas is an online portal that allows interested volunteers to find Volunteer Centers close to them, and through integration with, directly search for volunteer opportunities in their area. After answering the simple question, “What do you care about?” visitors can insert their zip code and find numerous volunteer opportunities around them based around their interests and passions.  And while finding volunteer opportunities is the organization’s main purpose, Volunteer Texas also provides research and volunteerism-related training, and serves as a resource during times of disaster or emergency. In the case of disaster or emergency, the Volunteer Texas website becomes a central hub for information and up-t0-the-minute notifications related to the crisis. It helps potential volunteers know where help will be needed, and when.

When we sat down with Volunteer Texas to discuss their needs, we came to the conclusion that their biggest need was a website with a high-level of functionality that could support the services they provide. Listening to this need, we built them a fully responsive website on the WordPress platform. To give their brand a cleaner look, we revamped their logo and overall branding strategy. Furthermore, we built out the custom functionality for Find a Volunteer Center, the online tool that easily allows visitors to locate and contact their nearest volunteer center. Lastly, we established third party integration so that volunteers can pre-register to help in the event of a disaster, increasing efficiency.

The result?  An updated brand with a fully functioning platform equipped for volunteers across the state to locate volunteer opportunities in their area. Don’t forget to check out the site and browse around the various resources they have to offer—who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to volunteer!

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Emily Weeks

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