Guiding Principles Webinar

Keep the momentum alive.

What values define your brand? Whether you’ve identified them or not, core values are baked into the fabric of your organization and lived out every day.

Guiding Principles
With intrinsic momentum to carry your brand forward, these values should be aligned with your brand, flowing from your brand story and illuminating the heart of your organization.

When put into action, values become guided, useful principles (or “guiding principles” as we call them) that govern the culture of your brand from the inside out.

Join in as our Brand Strategist, John Paulsen, teaches on the effect of having clear Guiding Principles within your organization.

We’ll cover:

  • Core Values vs. Guiding Principles
  • Examples of brands with clear guiding principles and how they’re lived out within the organization
  • How to identify your existing guiding principles
  • How to effectively implement new guiding principles across your organization and get your employees on board

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About the Presenter

John Paulsen

An entrepreneur and ideator, John Paulsen spent the last 21 years developing brands and their digital and traditional marketing strategies.

His diverse background includes digital media, web development, SEO/SEM, eCommerce and social media strategy, and entrepreneurship. Currently, John is leading the brand exploration, marketing and web strategy offerings for all HMG’s clients. He strategically guides clients to find their brand’s purpose by discovering their ambition, clarifying their approach, and effectively living out their unique brand story.

John Paulsen
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