Webinar: How to Create Buyer Personas

What’s a buyer persona and why is it important?

A successful marketing strategy starts with knowing who you’re trying to reach. Once you define your target audience, you can be more strategic about how and when to connect with them. Building buyer personas involves creating a semi-fictional representation of your customers, based on research, to provide direction as you craft marketing messages. Join John and Sarah as they chat more in-depth about what a buyer persona entails and how to effectively use them to drive your marketing strategy.

We’ll cover:

  • Definition of a buyer persona
  • How to conduct research for personas
  • Important data to include in your buyer personas
  • Example of a buyer persona

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About the Presenters

John Paulsen

John Paulsen

An entrepreneur and ideator, John Paulsen spent the last 21 years developing brands and their digital and traditional marketing strategies.

His diverse background includes digital media, web development, SEO/SEM, eCommerce and social media strategy, and entrepreneurship. Currently, John is leading the brand exploration, marketing and web strategy offerings for all HMG’s clients. He strategically guides clients to find their brand’s purpose by discovering their ambition, clarifying their approach, and effectively living out their unique brand story.

Sarah Hetrick

Sarah Hetrick

Sarah is a content specialist with a foundation in Communications and a background working with nonprofits.

She brings experience in content creation, social media, graphic design, and marketing strategy. At HMG, she focuses on generating leads by maintaining a strong brand voice and developing compelling content that resonates with target audiences. With a knack for clear communication and insight on industry trends, Sarah helps bring marketing strategies to life for HMG and our clients.

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