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The Brand

Humco Compounding is a global pharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing pharmaceuticals and high-quality over-the-counter medicines. Humco prides itself on being a diverse, trusted brand that works with pharmacists, physicians, healthcare providers and patients in order to provide the best possible treatments to patients around the world.

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The Situation

When HUMCO came to us, it was already excelling as a global producer of high-quality pharmaceuticals and medicines. Unfortunately, its web presence didn’t convey the excellence of the brand and its products. Antiquated and convoluted, HUMCO’s site was in need of a robust ecommerce solution to cleanly display all its products yet still provide the best usability from an administrative standpoint.

The Solution

Our solution to HUMCO’s digital needs was two-fold: leverage WordPress as a CMS to simplify administration for staff who would maintain the site, and develop an ecommerce portion for the site on the selected platform: Magento. The challenge was integrating two platforms into a cohesive and seamless user experience. The site also included a complex ERP integration, enabling HUMCO to manage products and orders on the site and sync data with its ERP system. Additionally, we created a HUMCO hub that allows customers to learn about the medication they need and order it right then and there.

The Results

With a sharp, new ecommerce site, HUMCO’s digital presence now shines with the same excellence the company exhibits globally with its products. HUMCO team members can easily update and maintain the site as needed, and users can enjoy a seamless experience to both learn about the HUMCO brand and shop its products. HUMCO is now able to extend to a wider audience with higher engagement, accomplishing its purpose of making medication simple, easy, and accessible.

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