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InfiniteIO developed an innovative solution that makes hybrid cloud storage simple and fast. It uses real-time analytics and management of metadata to simultaneously increase the performance and optimize capacity of storage on-premises and in the cloud. It does all of this without making changes to existing enterprise users, applications or storage systems.

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The Challenge

InfiniteIO had developed a solution for cloud storage that was unheard of in the industry, and they were ready for the world to know about it. With only a basic website to share Infinite IO’s cutting-edge features and service, the team knew it was time for a more robust site that could support the company’s recent growth.

Reaching out to HMG, InfiniteIO came with a clear goal: create a sophisticated website with clear messaging about their products to generate leads, inform consumers, and move visitors to action.

The Approach

The steepest challenge with InfiniteIO’s site was marketing a very complex and sophisticated product in a clear and simple way. Consequently, we gave special attention to developing seamless navigation that clearly communicated the benefits and features of the product to visitors.

Since the site features were also extensive, we focused our efforts on developing custom functionalities to support InfiniteIO’s goals for growth. These features included a HubSpot integration, a secure resources section for resellers, a downloadable recruitment tool for lead generation, and a member login to access educational information.

In addition to developing InifiniteIO’s website, we also redesigned the company’s digital and print collateral and developed a custom email template, ensuring every touchpoint with the market would be strategic, engaging and beautiful.

The Result

InfiniteIO’s new site and collateral have become powerful tools that position the company for growth as more and more users discover its product.

The site now mimics the sophistication of its own technological solution, yet still simply delivers a clear message to customers, partners, and resellers alike: there’s a better way to manage hybrid cloud storage.

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