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Raise Your Hand Texas strives to reinvent the public education system by creating an equal opportunity foundation that provides in-depth leadership development programs for students as well as coaching programs for staff.

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The Challenge

Raise Your Hand Texas approached HMG with a content-heavy, dated website that was no longer a good representation of its brand. The organization was ready for a modern digital presence that reflected the same innovation it aims to bring to public education in Texas. Our challenge was designing a clean website that perfectly showcases the organization’s commitment to shaping the future of Texas by equipping teachers, students and families.

The Approach

From the onset of the project, Raise Your Hand Texas asked for its creative team to play an integral role – from start to finish – in our design and development process. As a collaborative partner, we were happy to engage the team on every level, lead when necessary, and provide counsel when requested.

With various hands involved in the site’s upkeep, we knew it was crucial to select a CMS with simple and intuitive administration. We chose to develop a modular, custom WordPress site that would allow staff to easily update content and create new pages as needed. Incorporating only the latest techniques in visual design and technology, the new look featured a fresh, bold aesthetic that appealed to Raise Your Hand Texas’ diverse audiences.

To bring life to the site and incorporate new visual assets the Raise Your Hand Texas team had produced, we featured full-width background videos across multiple pages. Movement and compelling imagery enhanced the viewer experience and increased overall engagement. This eye-catching design was crafted with SEO best practices in mind to lay a strong foundation with plenty of room for modifications down the road.

The Results

  • 2XSite users have doubled every year since launch

By serving as a seamless extension of the Raise Your Hand Texas team on technical and creative strategy, we were able to achieve a customized, flexible, robust, mobile-responsive WordPress website that empowers Raise Your Hand Texas with complete internal control over complex design elements and intensive multimedia functionality.

With a clean, easily navigable site, Raise Your Hand Texas has seen users nearly double every year since site launch. Furthermore, users are more active and engaged on both the site and social media channels, boosting brand reputation and increasing organic traffic to the site.

Standing by our mantra that the end of a project is really just the beginning for us, HMG has sustained a partnership with Raise Your Hand Texas over the years, providing ongoing web support and maintenance.

As a result, a site that originally launched in 2015 has remained updated, fresh, and relevant with continuous visual design and content enhancements as well as optimizations for features, functionalities, and plugins. Significantly improved upon since launch, the current site remains a strong testament to HMG’s ability to deliver a scalable solution that can evolve and grow over time with an organization.

Today, we are more proud than ever to display Raise Your Hand Texas’ web presence as an excellent representation of our design and development capabilities and the power of an ongoing partnership.

Clients said our old site was clunky and hard to navigate. Now, they tell us it’s clean, modern, approachable, and stands out from both our competitors and our partners.

– Visual Design Strategist, Raise Your Hand Texas

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