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Management of Social Platforms

After partnering with HMG to develop a brand and marketing strategy, trueCABLE wanted to focus on its social media efforts across multiple platforms to better connect with the networking community. HMG’s team began monthly execution and management of trueCABLE’s social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Building the Strategy

Following our standard process, we began the first month of engagement by building out a comprehensive social media strategy. We performed a competitor analysis, researched relevant hashtags, built a content calendar, established a post/review process, and created a messaging chart.

Based on research and interviews with actual customers, we established 4 distinct personas to represent each of trueCABLE’s target audience. Aligning with trueCABLE’s brand strategy, we aimed to position the brand as a high-quality, reliable cable company. We wanted networking professionals to know that trueCABLE not only offers high-quality, affordable cable, but their team members are also dedicated to outstanding customer service and education for networking amateurs and experts alike.

Setting Goals and Growing a Following

Our goal for the first year of engagement was clear and simple: increase brand awareness among networking professionals. We pursued this goal through strategic content marketing, offering valuable educational resources on trueCABLE’s blog, the Cable Academy, for the networking community. Each blog post published included hand-drawn illustrations that gave the technical content a more personal, playful look and feel. To further grow trueCABLE’s Facebook following, we also created paid campaigns targeted to lookalike audiences of website visitors.

Community Building on Instagram

On Instagram, we focused on building a community of engaged followers. We were delighted to find an active niche of installation technicians on the platform, so we tailored our content to provide knowledge and support for those in the field daily. Our approach included reaching out to micro influencers, repurposing user-generated content, engaging with other networking professionals’ posts, and hosting giveaways with partners.

Generating Leads on LinkedIn

Once we’d established an engaged following on Facebook and Instagram, we then turned our attention to LinkedIn to gain quality leads of networking professionals. Leveraging resources from the Cable Academy, we ran paid lead generation campaigns to specific targeted audiences. Our ads promoted staying up-to-date on networking tips and trends by subscribing to trueCABLE’s weekly Cable Academy newsletter.

The Challenge… and the shift!

In our research, we learned that the networking community relies on trusted cable manufacturers and distributors with a longstanding reputation in the market.

As a relatively new brand on the scene, trueCABLE faced the challenge of earning a seat at the table with well-established competition. Earning a respected name among veterans of the industry would be the key to trueCABLE’s success. Our strategic efforts succeeded and within the first year, trueCABLE had become a buzzword among micro-influencers and installation technicians. Networking professionals had become more and more interested in the brand their friends were talking about, and they wanted to know more. Here are some of the comments we heard from Instagram followers:

Building Trust

Moving into our second year managing trueCABLE’s social media, we expanded our goals to focus on moving networking professionals from knowing about trueCABLE to trusting trueCABLE as their preferred cable distributor.

trueCABLE began producing video content in-house that we leveraged on social media, continuing to provide valuable educational content in a new form. With increased brand credibility and frequent engagement from an active following, trueCABLE received an invitation to partner with an influencer and is now a proud sponsor of the Emerging Technologies podcast.

When we started working with trueCABLE, both Instagram and Facebook had little to no followers. Now they have a vibrant, growing community of networking professionals and cable enthusiasts who established genuine connections with the trueCABLE brand, regularly interact with each other, and trust trueCABLE products.

Currently, trueCABLE continues to successfully establish its brand presence on social media as a personable, reputable brand with a knowledgeable team, ready and willing to share their expertise of the cabling industry.

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